The idea of leaving something behind for the next generation extends beyond just providing for their needs. When we aspire to leave a lasting legacy, we work hard to make sure everything is set. What if everything you have built is gone after a couple of generations?


On this episode of the Passive Income Attorney Podcast, Seth welcomes JR Gondeck from the Lerner group for a thorough discussion of building generational wealth, and the strategy that includes family members in financial planning.


You see families evolve over time. A lot of estate plans were in order, but there just wasn’t any communication. The money was made, but it wasn’t transferred, and the legacy wasn’t transferred. There just wasn’t a lot of family communication.“-JR Gondeck



Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

✅ JR‘s Story: From picking stocks to wealth management
✅ On family communication and legacy transfer 

✅ A family approach and simplifying the net worth statement

✅ Talking points to keep the family involved.

✅ On proactive gifting and preparing the next generation

✅ Strategies for passing wealth, and Trust as a vehicle

✅ On family meeting, financial planning, and everyone on the same page

✅ The mistake of not establishing family communication

✅ On current outlook, inflation, and future investment plans

✅ On advising clients to diversify their portfolio

✅ Fiduciary Advisor versus Traditional Advisor

✅ Traditional versus Alternative Investments

✅ Evolution of financial planning for retirement

✅ On being healthier, taking time off and productivity 

✅ JR’s Freedom Four



As a Partner and Managing Director with The Lerner Group, JR works with families to promote intentional communication and drive collaboration between all generations. JR leads investment research and is responsible for shaping strategic policy. He leverages his deep knowledge of the global financial markets and passion for investing to guide clients through market trends.


JR joined the investment industry in 2003 with Morgan Stanley, where he facilitated the transformation from working primarily with institutional investors to private high net worth families. Over time, JR expanded The Lerner Group’s investment strategies to provide more comprehensive solutions for the diverse needs of clients. JR led The Lerner Group’s transition to HighTower in 2012 to further enhance solutions available to meet client needs.


An advocate of financial literacy, JR hosts family meetings to connect with next generations. He and his partner, Vanessa N. Martinez, recognize the importance of intentional communication to pass on a legacy wealthier than money.


In their recently published book, Family Value at Risk, they share critical insights on the risks and rewards of wealth planning. From the pitfalls of typical advising to the crucial conversations necessary to ensure your plan reflects your wishes, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about their family’s financial future and legacy.”


JR Gondeck’s Website: https://familyvalueatrisk.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jr-gondeck/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GondeckJr



Seth Bradley is a real estate entrepreneur and an expert at creating passive income while working as a highly paid, busy professional. He’s closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions as an attorney and investor. He’s the Managing Partner of Law Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on value-add real estate acquisitions and development. He’s a former big law attorney, most recently practicing in the real estate and securities department of a top 3 globally-ranked law firm. He’s also the host of the Passive Income Attorney Podcast, educating attorneys and other professionals on how to stop trading their time for money so that they can practice when they want to, not because they have to.



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