Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a brief intro on what you can expect in this special Passive Income Pro series, we’re calling Simple Syndication, which we named after our upcoming course, Passive Income Pro.


When I started investing in real estate, all I knew about were fix and flips, fix and hold residential real estate.


Did I build SOME wealth that way? Sure.

Did I learn about hands on real estate? Sure.

But, it’s not scalable. It’s time consuming. It’s energy consuming. It’s NOT passive.


And with a full time career where we make great active income, it’s unreasonable, it doesn’t make sense.


Skip the flip.


After some trials and tribulations in residential real estate, that’s when I discovered passive real estate investing.


No tenants, toilets or trash. No flaky contractors. No lazy property managers.


Just high level, diversified, intelligent investing in commercial real estate, by leveraging the experience and knowledge of experts, in deals that most of us have no clue that we even have access to.


To help you accelerate your investing goals so you can have more freedom, flexibility and fun, I’m going to do what attorneys do best.


Take apart complicated, nuanced subject matter, and break it down into clearly understandable, bite sized pieces of knowledge.

Through this collection of content my goal is to get YOU to feel more confident and more comfortable when investing in your next, or maybe even your first, passive real estate investment, so you can start supercharging your journey to financial freedom.


Stay tuned. You didn’t learn this stuff in graduate school. And you won’t find this content in a comprehensive but simple presentation, presented in a logical order, anywhere else for free, except RIGHT HERE.