EP 36 | How to Live Your Best Life by Welcoming Uncertainty with Open Arms with Nicole Mayer

On this episode of The Passive Income Attorney Podcast, Seth is joined by Nicole Mayer. Nicole is a best-selling author, speaker, founder of Second Opinion Partners and creator of the Live Your Best Life brand. After a sequence of unfortunate events, Nicole found herself in a dark hole with no other way to go, but up. However, with her resilience and perseverance, she was able to build her wealth and become financially free. In this episode, Nicole shares how gratitude, values, and tradeoffs can help you achieve your best life!


“The people with all the things are sometimes the most miserable, unhappy people. And the people that live the most modest lifestyle, but have money and do big things but you would never guess, are truly living their best life.”



[01:37] Background on Nicole Meyer

[04:37] How an attorney-client sparked a massive mindset change

[07:52] Figuring out what your client’s value and what are the tradeoffs?

[11:44] Advice on how to break free from the golden handcuffs

[15:06] Living for the NOW

[16:44] Staying focused and staying motivated; gratitude and mindset

[21:31] Helping couples unite for a mindset change

[24:58] Control the controllable

[28:52] Learn how to live in the grey

[31:21] Wealth management firm and launching a new business

[34:12] The Freedom Four: What is the best thing to keep your mind and body healthy?

[34:48] The Freedom Four: In an alternative universe what would you be doing?

[35:43] The Freedom Four: Where were you 5 years ago and where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

[36:53] The Freedom Four: How has passive income changed your life?





SETH: What’s up law nation! Welcome to the Passive Income Attorney Podcast. Before we get started please go to escapethebillable.com and download our targeted special report. A field guide to getting started with passive investing, you know on our so we often talk about escaping a rat race and avoiding the golden handcuffs in building passive income streams. Relatedly it all circles back to change, so how can we as a somewhat conservative bunch get comfortable with change? A lot of times like with today’s gas unfortunately it takes a catastrophic or life altering event to push us to the brink of change, but hopefully there’s some careful introspection and maybe a little bit they just do it attitude we can make big changes in our lives in a way that we do things without suffering a major hardship. Now today’s guest, Nicole Meyer is a best-selling author speaker and founder of Second Opinion Partners, she’s overcome incredible odds to become a wildly successful business woman and entrepreneur. Without further ado on the show.

SETH: Nicole, thank you so much for coming on the show today.

NICOLE: Thank you so much for having me excited to be here.

SETH: Yeah really excited to have you on well, look let’s just jump right in and I know you have a very compelling story so I’d love for you to just jump right into that and feel free to dive into that as deep as you’d like.

NICOLE: Sure absolutely, so my story is a little unique I always knew I wanted to be in financial planning financial services. I always knew I want to be an entrepreneur, always been on if you ask me at 15 or 16 while some of my friends were going to college to get their MRS degree and a husband I was saying that I would be a CEO of a company someday. Life had a little bit of a different plan for me graduated college start a great job was engaged to get married, got married and a domino started to fall around me. First there was a tumor on my liver and I’ve been faced with some really hard medical stuff and then I was pregnant with my son. My son came along and then I was getting divorced and then I had to have half my liver cut out at all while trying to build a business being successful person and not to mention all of that I had a ton of student loan debt. I was about $100,000 and that’s when I went into some medical issues, I put that on forbearance and it became $160,000, really fast. Then I was left with some debt from my ex-husband her bosses’ job while we were married so I mean, I was in a black hole that I know I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get out of. Somehow with lots of amazing people to and keep encouraging me to do what I loved and was passionate about and a lot of hard work I was able to crawl myself out of that black hole and I am on the other side of it now, more energized than ever and really living my best life. I think the biggest thing I learned through all of that was what and how I envision my best life to look like it’s not how it turned out. Not even close. I always envisioned him I always envisioned you know big house fancy cars You know just certain things a lot of material things and I think we all do we all have this white picket fence life that we  dream of when we’re you know young, but life again have a different plan and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I live in a very nice house it’s not the house I want to imagine but it’s nice and I drive nice cars and I have a really great job but again it’s not the white picket fence life that imagined.  It’s even better and I can truly say that I am living my best life.

SETH: That’s an amazing story. How do you know how did your mindset change kind of when you’re your wife came crashing down on you all at once? Like all those crazy things happened it’s seemingly all the same time. I mean you know how did you how did that change the way you thought about life and you’re just overall mindset about moving forward.

NICOLE: That’s a great question you, know I think that’s when you start to do some deep thinking and I went through a lot of things that people actually don’t start to experience and later in life or they’re certainly spread, a lot. So, mine happened all within five years so I think I started to really question like what’s important to me? What do I value? It’s interesting you start to look at other people situations differently. While I was going through that I was still helping people I was still giving guidance and advice to clients on how to live I get to and through their own life transitions or two and through retirement. So I really started to look at what’s really important and really what makes me happy you know we live in such a world today that you scroll on social media and you see the best pictures of someone’s life and that’s it and you have no idea the struggles or the things that they go to sacrifices they make be able to take one really good picture. I think that’s really what got me to say, listen either my best life actually is a lot simpler than I want to thought and I think really knowing going through it at a young age and then understanding I was meeting with clients during that time they were going through some form of job transition. You know how to client and actually very successful attorney and he still quiet today amazing guy in here he is 65 retiring or about thinking about retiring and he’s like I missed out on so many of my kid’s things, their baseball games.  I was working so hard he made partner, a big firm in Chicago and made a lot of money but, here he was at 65 reflecting and having some people close to him that you know retired and to make it long after retirement and he’s like I missed out on doing things that I enjoy like I don’t know that I was living the life I wanted to live. So it was him that and this is the same guy that says now I’m 10 years later at 75 he’s going to be climbing Mount Everest this year, but he really inspired me at a young age to say what are you doing Nicole like yes you’re going through all this garbage, but this is the time to me really good decision so that you don’t have regrets and you’re not looking back and saying that I missed out on all that stuff and really wasn’t worth it? Or how much of it was worth it? And how do you live in enjoy today and not wait for one day you know on the grind for money. Money is just the tool to get you to where you want to go but really identifying what I value and what was important to me.

SETH: Yeah for sure money is important right? But it’s not everything in a lot of things whether you’re rich or poor you do tend to blame everything on money I mean if you have a lot of money than you think that if you got problems if you don’t have a lot of money you think you got problems. How do you identify with your client as far as getting them to understand that there is there are more important things than money in their life, without maybe going through a catastrophic event like you did?

NICOLE: Yeah, I work really hard to get my clients to start to figure out what do you value? Like what’s important to you like what makes you smile what makes you happy and it’s amazing the stuff that you end up hearing and spending time with my kids. It’s you know doing things that really don’t cost money it may be time, time is money, but you know then they start to really put in perspective like what’s the tradeoff? OK well yeah actually I would work last or make a little bit more I got to do that because it does make me happy and it is amazing to spend more time with family or do your hobby that you love to do that you know I love to run I don’t ride I love to do this it whatever it is it what’s important to you? Is it spending time on your health and wellness and spending time with family? Is it traveling you know one of my things is I love to travel? Well my trade-off is that I’d rather live in a little bit of a smaller house and be able to do you go on five or six trips a year it is an amazing places so I really do a deep dive with my clients and say,  what is important to you? At the end of the day I had to do two things how do you envision your life from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed, because we have we’ve heard the old adage like sees every day live like it’s your last day but can I have some of that garbage you know we have to go to work do you think. But you can’t be doing things in your everyday life that you fulfill and if they fill you in then the other thing, I have people do as I have them write their eulogy. You know how do you want to be remembered as the guy or gal that was at the office 15 hours a day and then spending time with her kids or didn’t get to vacation or to do those things that make you happy? Or how is it you want to be remembered so how are you in your life how you want to be remembered and somewhere in there is what you value. There’s a little change that you can be making in your life to live a better life.

SETH: Right. Right I think that something really powerful that I mean when you’re in your death bed you’re not going to be thinking back and saying man I should’ve spent more time working on my career spending time in the office or your billing more hours or something like that. You’re going to be thinking about the people that were in your life and maybe you didn’t spend enough time with them if you had regrets and the things that you may or may not have experienced. Those are the things that are really going to come you’re going to contemplate that point in time. Another thing that you brought up was that we talk about initial all the time buying back your time and that’s why we talk about investing in different assets so that you can start buying back your time piece by piece, because money isn’t everything and you and you can’t get overwhelmed which is making more making more making more you need to really stop like you do with your clients and think about what’s really important in your life.

NICOLE: Yeah, absolutely and I tell people all the time like is there something that your cap your income at a certain level but you could have this other stuff with her it’s time family what a time with kids whether it’s traveling or things you enjoy love. And if the answer is yes then you know that that’s your answer like, OK how much is enough what do you need and you know we talk about it all the time in my office even with my business partners as you’re growing a business, it’s like how much is enough cake to eat? You know how much cake do you need and how many other sources again like passive income how many other avenues can you be efficient with your time and have other things working for you making money, and yeah I can have enough cake to eat and still enjoy life.

SETH: Right, yeah and we talk about that we called the golden handcuffs. You make more money right but you spend more money and you get more bills you know you buy the new five series every time one comes out or you get a bigger house than you need or you get a nice watch, and all that kind of stuff. It’s just like in a bigger and then eventually you’re just kind of tied down to that income and you don’t really have an escape. What advice I guess would you give to someone who is starting to go down that path and hopefully didn’t go too far whether they’re starting to question whether more and bigger is better?

NICOLE: Yeah here’s a thing get a grip on what’s really important to you and what you value. Because I think of you constantly go back to that here I’m at I’ll be the first one I meant like We all want more and more but what are the thing for conscious efforts in the last five years that I’ve made was saying, I want more but I don’t want to keep increasing my overhead so that I am the golden handcuffs are the slave to constantly doing this. So, it’s going back to saying what’s important to me? And you know really what’s important to me is spending time with my kid was important to me is you know not having a huge not to crack every month on beaning manageable all that if, I think the other thing is boring to you is you’re never as healthy as you are today you know you are potentially one God forbid something happening to you away. Like talk about stress him so you know can I live in a Rockstar life and not have a 10,000 square-foot because I have a 3000 square-foot house and look and be really nice? For sure and that’s how I choose to live. So, traveling supporting my kids important to me having a lot of money in the bank is important to me, but I still want to stand who doesn’t want to stand you work really hard you want to spend but I can do it and not put more stress. So you know even buying cars like cars have been my thing to, and I kind of like dial back on that I’m like OK if I take over that brought like reality so what do you need but just bringing it back and dialing it back and saying, well you know what you know do I want that kind of car payment I don’t want to spend that money or would I rather go spend 10 grand on like an amazing  trip or 15 I’ll do something totally amazing. I’ve chosen experience over things. Because you know what you’re not taking any of that stuff to the grave with you and who are you really impressing at the end? So that’s where I say, your is in the way different than your peers your neighbors and after being with thousands of people I’m telling you, the people with all the things or sometimes the most miserable unhappy people. And the people that live the most modest lifestyle but have money and I still do big things but you would never guess,  are living true leave her best life! So I say go back what is it what’s important to you and that’s how you should be spending your time and money now who wants a bigger house I mean we all want a bigger house but like who wants to have that headache in the overhead and all of that like especially if you’d prefer one of the things you value is traveling. Or one of things you value spending time with your kids. Well guess what you’re in the grind and you’re working if you know I’ll take out a bigger mortgage check on those things so what’s important what are you really need?

SETH: Yeah, that’s why I love like it, seems recent but it’s probably not that reason but it’s Seems like another there’s more and more people they are turning their back on at 9-5 till you’re 65 and just only invest in your 401(k) and just wait until you know you’re 60-65 years old to access that and then you can go and zip coconuts on the beach or whatever for whatever years you have left. And hopefully you do have some quality years left after that but it’s not guaranteed, right? So, I love that you know recently it seems like there’s more and more people kind of bringing that into light and starting to question that you know that that scheme has been fabulous since we were kids.

NICOLE: Absolutely, and I talk about that a lot too late leaving for the NOW. Because now many times I think you’re totally right it’s been by twice like within you’re going to work the grind is right now your work work work work work you have a little bit of enjoyment and then you’ll get to enjoy when you’re retired, and I say that is that is passé. Now is time don’t wait till you’re tired because you never know your healthy sound mind, mobile. Now is the time to do some other stuff so if it’s traveling it you know I use traveling a lot as example because that is a major thing for people. But if it’s traveling I do it now what are you waiting for and wouldn’t the trade-off be how I’m getting to do these things now versus waiting when it might not be promising I might have been a ability to do it? Versus having a bigger house or things that like you know you might again you may enjoy it? But how much are you really enjoying it isn’t it is it the things that you value.

SETH: Yeah, yeah so, a lot of people my hear this podcast or listen to another podcast and get motivated to change but then either they don’t take any action or they take action and they just can’t sustain it for a long enough time to get results. I mean how do you recommend they can’t stay focused, stay on track and stay motivated?

NICOLE: Listen we all need to reach tax on some times and I’ll myself to you like I get caught up in like the moment and I want to do XYZ or I want something it’s always a recheck. I think for me I have what’s important to me it’s written out laminated in my shower. I know that sounds crazy and maybe weird but I look at it every day and I know it’s important, it kinds of grounds me to say listen Nicole calm down you don’t need that you know more expensive car you don’t need this in or you want it that’s fine but do this first. So on for me I would say go back to what you value was important, and if you have a significant other in your life get them on the same page it’s so important. So many times people are not on the same page and that you’re running into different directions so you know you may be totally overworked and stressed and your significant other is like you know living it up and your page they need to know like, hey I got a I want to I want to dial it down a little because, I don’t know that I can sustain the pace that I’m doing and I’m not enjoying my life. I’m not living my best life right now yes, the one or two vacations we take a year is great but the grind is killing me. And so, I think getting on the same page with your significant other and working towards the same goals is super important too. Again, it’s not bad to want things it’s totally fine I want things you can absolutely want things but really figure out what you value and what’s important to you and kind of what sells and what filled your tank. And again how do you want to be remembered what is it that you want to be doing in between that people are going to remember necessarily the house you had in the car as you drove, but they may remember you know your kids may remember the time that you were like totally into you and quality time you spent with them on vacation. Or the day that you took off of school with them just to hang out like you know again how many successful people I just say take a day off to spend the day with their kid, while they’re off of school? No, like most people are like OK whatever or you have a sitter or you have whoever are taking care of them but like those things those things can’t be purchase. Those are pretty amazing thing so again everyone value things different your best life it’s going to look different to someone else. This year Covid brought about I created online course, so that you cannot learn how to live your best life and do some exercises and I think that’s helping people to figure out you know what is it that’s important to me and how do I start living my best life and stop being it out in the hamster wheel day-to-day Groundhog Day.

SETH: Yeah I think I think the overall theme there is you got to figure out a way to kind of remind yourself about when you when you can I have that that change your mindset and you’re like OK I’m going to change my life I’m going to do something differently from here on out. We got to figure out a way to remind yourself daily you know at least daily maybe more than that weather is beautiful today and meditate and think about it or whatever it might be.

NICOLE: And gratitude is huge and I tell people you know like listen none of us need more work every day because I was like I’ll get a journal write down the things I’d like, OK you know I’ll do it for a week and then we stop, because we had enough on our minds. But listen it’s so simple all you have to do is take 30 seconds in your day right I do it at night and that’s something I practice and it absolutely rewire your brain is like scientific proof of this, and I just talk about three this is my day and what I’m grateful for and then also just ground me it’s like all right I got like eight thing like some days where I feel like running or are you still wanting and you got to just bring yourself back to center. I do that every night and it totally changes my whole it has changed my life. I saw the guy who wrote the book on it he spoke to me I started doing it a year later I’m telling you It’s a rewire your brain so practicing what you’re thankful for. You don’t need a notebook you don’t close your eyes think about it right before you go to bed it’s an amazing thing.

Seth: That’s awesome I do the same things that I do it in the morning when I wake up. I think about three times I’m grateful for that kind of start out the day and in a grateful mindset and I think it’s that that’s amazing I love that. Going back to you when you’re talking about spouses but I’ll bet some of your clients come in and they tell you that exact story like her Do I get my spouse on the same page maybe one of them was a hyper in a high-paying career the other one you know maybe not so much but they both spent a lot of money together and that’s just kind of how the relationship developed over a long period of time and then eventually one of them had a mindset change. I mean how do you end up having that conversation with a significant other? Even though you’re trying to push them over into the mindset change pad right but they haven’t how do you bring them to the light?

NICOLE: It’s great exercise it’s called honest conversations I have them do it on their own and then we do it together and it’s really eight is this a card game at where they put what they value. In these cars have like for you know for words on it but the gist of the whole thing is it’s funny a lot of times they’re on the same page but they’re just like living life. Like this is the wife we’ve kind of chart it out and we started living we have this really nice house we belong to the country club, we do this we do that on the weekends you know whatever it is we drive these types of cars like this is the picture that we created. When I get them in and doing this exercise it’s amazing because I’ll get them maybe not high I’m earning spouse to be like well I wish they were around more to the earning spouse, I wish they were around more I wish we spent more time together I wish we had this OK and then it’s like a light Bob goes out because I tell them, Absolutely but what’s the tradeoff you know there is some trade-off to it? And I think when you start talking about trade-offs people get it. You know like yeah you can have that to you can you can have that $150,000 new car that came out. What’s the trade off to it? Or you can have more time with your spouse but are you willing to you know this your credit card runs 5-10 grand a month are you willing dial that back so that you know the stress is it and it’s shocking that it’s so simple what I’m saying it right now but it’s shocking like the light Bob going off in people’s heads when you’re going through this exercise, and like yeah I would absolutely, but this to have this like absolutely because I would be happier and so. Again, you don’t you’re not you know not living you’re getting to live you’re getting to have your best life but it might not look like what you once though. So, I think getting the spouses on the same page as a significant other spouse is so important! Most of the time We are on the same page just when do we have time to really talk about that stuff and how do we talk about that stuff and sometimes it manifest in different ways so it is sometimes like marriage counseling and really helping people, again both of them see the light and see what they both value and how to get them on the same page. It’s pretty amazing and I think your significant other spouse is probably more supportive than you think I just never have a conversation.

SETH: Yeah, I think it’s all about having you know just being open and honest and transparent and that’s probably very difficult for a lot of folks. You might not have those open honest and transparent conversation so when you try to open the pockets it’s a little bit awkward at first

NICOLE: 100% yeah

SETH: Yeah, I want to switch gears a little bit I’m talking about control so it just comes up a lot especially with attorneys and doctors and folks that have very pressure filled careers. How do you suggest they balance between in a controlling what they can control and then letting go of what they can’t?

NICOLE: I love this one. Control the controllable is like a term I and my mentor I think beat this into my head because I am super type-a personality and when my world was crashing around me, my mentor said you can control the controllable and that’s it. You got it and you know you got to figure out if it’s going to matter five minutes from now five years from now or not. Then also figuring out we can delegate. You know again you’re probably successful because you put in the hard work and you did what you can and I think that’s probably my biggest thing, is being able to delegate and give up some of that control. The tradeoff is it may not be done the way you want it done or how you would have it how you would do it but does it give you some freedom and if it does then it’s worth it and again there are just things that we can’t control but when you have a plan in a real structure of a plan in place again I look at it as like listen and I’m in Chicago and I want to drive to California, there’s going to be some detours along the way it’s going to be may be an accident or two and I’m going to have to figure out how to navigate. When you have a plan and you feel confident about your situation you can navigate those detours pretty well. So again, thing that things are out of our control but being able to navigate those because you have a plan and you know what direction you’re going. It’s a real hard thing to do but again what’s important Yeah what kind of life do you want to live. Do you want to be totally stressed out all the time and it’s not worth it? Control what you can control the controllables. Number one and to get a plan and you’re able to navigate the detours along the way much better with a plan.

SETH: Yeah, I love all that. I love what you said about delegation to you I mean I always say if you can delegate something to someone else and they can do it 80% as good as you think that you can do it which they might be it even higher than that, but 80 % well do you think that you can do it. You need to get comfortable with that and that’s a worthwhile delegation.

NICOLE: 100%

SETH: Yeah and another quote that I thought of when you were speaking about the quality of your life is directly proportional to the amount of uncertainty that you can handle in your life and I love that and I love that relatedly successful people are addicted to uncertainty. Right I think that really highly successful people are really good at handling you know things as they come along and then they just kind of go with the flow right they did things will go wrong and they know it and they accept it. They’ve accepted it before it even happens and they’re able to handle those things a lot better that way.

NICOLE: Yeah, I think of it as like recovery and you’re able to handle it. I think of it it’s like you’re falling down and how fast can you get up and I think people who are highly successful are used to falling down. We talk about all these people who are very successful in having failures and it took them now they had 90 failures before they had a success. Well then the same successful person again falls down quite a bit but is able to recover and get back up and so much of that is attitude and being able to shake things off and again and I think you get even more successful and more confident in that uncertainty the morning kind of delegate and control what you can control.

SETH: Yeah. Yeah so a lot of it comes on the attitude I’m in a you able to talk to your clients or talk to your family and friends about things like that? Maybe they’re not as good at taking the bombs and getting back up I mean how do you can get them to get better at that in your life?

NICOLE: Totally so we also live in a world right now we’re euphoric everything is wonderful and we’re posting it all over social media. Or the world is ending and it’s terrible, and I called this living in a gray and I will tell you it’s probably one of my biggest challenges is learning how to live in the gray. Where things are like OK you know for me 10 days after I close on my house sewer line broke in the hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. I was like somewhat concerned about myself I’m like all right I just like shake it off, whatever I can’t do anything about it as well says we’re going to just move forward and fix it and get going. That’s not like that’s what I hit my moment of saying, oh my God I’m actually living in the gray and doing it. It is a tough thing because we’re so used to satisfaction in either again everything so awesome and you just you know you just landed a big client you just landed a big deal, whatever it is. Or oh my gosh this is it Open my world so I think living in that gray is a tough one. But you know one of the things that I practice a ton is like you know is it going to matter in five years from now if it’s not I’m not worried about it it’s not rocking my world. I think for me haven’t gone through some health issue and get on some experience this till later in life and hopefully never have to experience it.  You’re like all right well if this can be fixed, we can be fixed we can figure out how to get yeah whatever pass it it’s not worth it I’m getting all worked up at and you’re living in a gray. So, you’re not like super either way it’s a hard place it takes practice and you got to keep reminding yourself like again. Is it fixable? Yup! Is it going to rain five years from now? Nope. All right then I’m not gay It’s all worked up about it.

SETH: Yeah living in a gray that’s a great term. I was just saying you find a happy medium. Right you need to not be one or the other like find a happy medium and be OK with what’s next in and move on I mean there’s things you just can’t change once they happen.

NICOLE: 100 %

SETH: So, I want to give you opportunity to tell me a little bit about your business. Your current business what does that look like?

NICOLE:  Yeah absolutely so I have a wealthy management Firm in Chicago. We are financial planning firm, recognizing some of the top 3% in the United States which is great. This year we totally launched a new business which were super excited about! We realize that people should if anything certainly COVID taught us that you should be living your best life, and why are you waiting? I always get clients coming to me when they’re going through some form of transition. Whether it’s divorce or a job change yet or even just needing a second opinion on some thing or helping your aging parents. Whatever it is some form of transition. I want to help people for they go through that. I wanted them to start living their life before so we just launched some online courses and it’s a findyourbestlifenow.com and a really great digital online course. Take you through well you can learn how to be living your best life now there’s a new course is constantly being added you know whether his job transition getting a second opinion on what you’re currently doing. Kike am I on the right track? Am I not on the right track? All sorts of stuff some of the financial related and some of it is really also just makes you dig a little deeper emotional and see where you’re at and in your life and how do you get to living a more fulfilled life. Some really cool stuff excited about and I just want to help more people and help people start living now and start living your best life!

SETH:  Very cool very cool before we jump into the freedom for what one last golden nugget for our listeners? I know that’s very broad but you have a lot of awesome things to say.

NICOLE: Thanks, I would say, right now you there is no you know I think of there is no tomorrow stop Then we every day we always say hey I’m going to do this Monday I’m going to put this off. I don’t like to live like that I like to do things now so if you’re not satisfied or not feeling good in your life, change something today to start being happier it’s not worth it to wait. You know we wait till Monday to diet we wait till Monday to do whatever and call people on our list. Stop waiting no time Is precious and so I would say whatever you can do today to start living a better life and being more fulfilled and happier and you know it just makes happier people make salsa like a happier world. So, we could all use it.

SETH: That’s perfect. Take action right take action when you when you feel the mood just do it. Just do it. Let’s jump into the freedom four

SETH:  What’s the best thing you do keep your mind and body healthy?

NICOLE: Mind and body healthy, one of things I do is 5 AM workouts are my thing. I call my happy pills my happy time because if I do my work out at a totally drags me throughout the day and I’m not feeling so happy. I feel not good about myself and it just transcends and everything I do.

SETH: Yeah, I’m the same way if I don’t get my workout in like it just messes with you physically emotionally mentally you got to get that got to get your blood pumping. In an alternative universe where you were involved in your current businesses what would you be doing?

NICOLE: That’s a great question I think about that all the time. If I wasn’t doing what I was currently doing and I know I’d be an entrepreneur in some way I am I am I’m constantly going. So, in a be working with people or creating something for people. So you know I was think about like what if I was a stay at home but I could never see myself doing it but I it’s funny my friends who are there like you would do you would have like 17 businesses, because you would never be able to just be OK doing that. So, I can’t really say I think I think I’m where I meant to be on my journey in life here. I know I’d still be an entrepreneur and I do have something cooking if I didn’t, I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now.

SETH: Gotcha. Gotcha, where are you at five years ago and where do you see yourself in five years from now?

NICOLE: Oh, that’s great five years ago I was really I was just coming out of a slump through really building myself back up and building my wealth up and being in a really financially secure situation. I finally hit that mark where is completely debt-free and really starting to build my net worth. Where I see myself in five years while we are doing some amazing things I can’t sit still, so besides growing and my practice getting close to $1 billion of assets that we manage and probably building out another business or two to help. I want to help more people so I look forward to helping as many people there’s many people know in the world the country as if the United States that I don’t have the means to hire someone like me or my firm on a daily basis. I want to help some of those people get to a better place.

SETH: Perfect, last but not least how has passive income it made your life better?

NICOLE: You know they always say to really truly be study really that’s for people and they have more than one source of income and certainly relieve some stress. I’m always one because maybe I am a planner and I found a planner I was like at worst case scenario. So, I’m financial passive income has given me some stress relief to some regard because I know that, God forbid, something happen my main source of income I do have enough to carry me and carry my bills and get me to and through that transition. So, it’s totally changed my life and I think having financial independence and freedom is a big thing and passive income is done that for me

SETH: Yeah just taking the stress that the money stress away from your life just changes everything. Changes your outlook on life changes you know how you approach each and every day and you don’t have to have that rain cloud over your head all the time.

NICOLE: 100%.

SETH: Nicole, it has been awesome! Where can I listen to find out more about you?

NICOLE:  Yeah, I got to findyourbestlifenow.com and I’m also on clubhouse @LiveBestLIfeNow and then lastly on Instagram liveyourbestlife_Nicole. I have a ton of contact on all social media so feel free to check me out. Also, if you’re interested in our courses, I am you can use code podcast and that is 50% off on their live your best life course.

SETH: Awesome. Awesome, Nicole thanks again for coming on!

NICOLE: Thank you for having me!

SETH: Wow what an incredible show today. Nicole’s story and really just her personality in general is so inspiring. I can really see why her clients put their trust in her to make big changes in their lives. I believe the big takeaway for the show is that we cannot fear change, you know we cannot fear the unknown, and not fear uncertainty instead we really need to open it with open arms and challenge ourselves each and every day. The thing is if you are happy with your life with your job with the people in your life take action move forward and sustain it. And find that happy place. All right folks if you haven’t already please leave a rating and review it goes a long way in getting a good word out there. Until next time enjoy the journey!